Hands & Feet

OPI has revolutionised the nail care industry, combining leading edge innovation with an unerring sense of style.

Avoplex Moisture Replenishing System
More than just a manicure the Avoplex system is packed with deep penetrating skin-loving antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and avocado oil. Professional pampering at your fingertips!
Luxury Manicure (1hr) – £42
Spa Manicure (40min) – £36
Shape and paint (20min) – £20
Pedicure by OPI
OPI offers the ultimate pedicure treatment that cleanses, renews and restores. A system of professional pampering products developed to transform ordinary pedicures into an extraordinary spa experience.
Luxury Pedicure (1hr) – £47
Spa Pedicure (45min) – £41
Shape and paint (20min) – £20
Gel Color by OPI
Treat your hands or feet to New OPI Gel Color!
Goes on like a polish, cures like a gel, no drying time and lasts up to 2 weeks.
All in your favourite OPI shades.
Gel Color Fingers – £34
Gel Color Toes – £32
Manicure with Gel Color – £44
Pedicure with Gel Color – £47
Gel Color Removal and Re-application Fingers – £44
Gel Color Removal and Re-application Toes – £42
Gel Color Removal Service (includes nail treatment) – £30