b'Luxury TreatmentsAs you would expect, we have an extensive treatmentThe Woodland Spas much-coveted facial treatments menu which is available to peruse on our website.replenish the soul whilst refreshing and rejuvenating the complexion. We offer divinely relaxing and restorative treatments, including: facials, massages, body treatments, mummy- Massages here are quite something else. Combining to-be treats alongside the finishing touches.soothing aromas and long, calming strokes with targeted, problem-solving outcomes, our massage and body Your choice of treatment dictates whether youre guidedtreatments are to be savoured. to your own private dedicated treatment room or led into our fabulous pedicure or manicure suite. Naturally, our dedicated, highly trained and experienced therapists are on hand to answer any questions you Here we take indulgent pedicures and manicures to the might have about your skincare and the products we next level. Our impressive oversized pedicure thrones have available. A visit to our Spa Boutique will extend ooze luxury whilst your therapist delivers a pedicure withyour experience by allowing you to continue to worship a pampering foot and leg massage. your post-treatment skin from home.Our nail bar is the ultimate destination for all things hand and nail treatments; with fabulous OPI ProSpa products, you can be certain of achieving an unparalleled finish.Visit our website for Treatments & prices'