Perfectly Engineered Treatments

Check out these luxury male treatments to reenergise the body and mind.

Men’s Spa Day Experience

We have engineered the ultimate mens spa day experience for a real man.

Think a spa day is just for girls?
Think again guys…

Men, treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience which is perfectly engineered to reenergise
the body and mind.

Men often use the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi following a punishing workout in the gym. So why not truly relax and unwind in our bigger and better thermal spa day facilitates which are perfect for men and which offer the ultimate in male luxury lifestyle?

Today’s modern man faces stresses at work and at home daily – and a visit to our Lancashire thermal spa suite provides the best antidote. You can relax after a long day’s work and visit us before you go home, or treat yourself to a full day using our incredible facilities. Relax and re-energise in our spa pools and why not enjoy a continental beer and a Tapas dish or two afterwards? Nice!

If you like the clean cut look, why not book in with one of our professional therapists and have a men’s treatment which have been tailored just for men and your specific needs.

We say ditch the workout and just enjoy the rest.

You’re The Man. Remember that and look after yourself – this is therapy that you can’t find on a football pitch or a golf course and it costs just £48 Tuesday to Thursday, £65 Friday to Monday

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